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Front and Centered is a growing coalition of communities of color-led groups across the state, whose diverse missions and work come together at the intersection of equity, environmental and climate justice.

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Connect and Build Power

Building Power and Expertise at the intersection of Equity and Environmental and Climate Justice

Help shape a future where all communities are healthy, safe, and resilient, and where everyone has equitable access to the building blocks of opportunity and prosperity like a healthy environment free from ecological destruction, affordable housing, and good careers based on safe work with livable wages.


Enable idea exchange

Launching a powerful digital communication platform for our coalition

Unlock the collective intelligence of the Front and Centered network by participating to share ideas, questions, updates, and more, in safe and secure environment. With your help, we can make the online community a powerful resource for all members.


Foster collaborative work

Creating opportunities and resources

Front and Centered has emerged to support a powerful and growing coalition of groups led by communities of color, whose breadth and depth are diverse in their mission, vision, and values but come together at the intersection of equity, environmental, and climate justice.

See a sticky board of our thoughts on Just Transition from our 2020 SUMMIT!